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Anything for me ouo

Anything with any of my FC's or whatever, whether as a gift or something else =P



Long Live the Queen (Part 1+2)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 4:04 AM
  • Mood: Neglect

STill can't read and failing school, yaaay I'll be the bestest queen evar yo

WHO ARE YOU? -- Tag meme thingy yeah

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 11:44 PM
  • Mood: Neglect
Stole/tagged from :iconsnowify:

General Information:

- Full Name: Nickolas Lawrence Wedemeyer
- Public Nicknames: Nick, Halo
- Friends-Only Nicknames: n/a
- Age: 20
- Gender: Male
- Acceptable Pronouns: Just call me by what I am? Idgaf
- Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight
- Relationship Status: Single
- Spouse/Partner: "stfu" -- Snowify 2014
- Date of Birth: August 20th, 1994
- Zodiac: Leo
- Hogwarts House: Idfk and don't care lmao
- Birthplace: Massachusetts, USA
- Current Residence: New Jersey, USA
- Occupation(s): YouTube, Gaming, Loser shit


- Blood Type: I think I'm a type O but idfk?
- Nationality: American
- Ethnicity/Ancestry: Caucasian, Mostly German but idk anything else tbh
- Height: 5'9"
- Weight: somewhere between 150-160 lbs.
- Bodily Build: Average? Skinny but squishy too? 
- Eye Colour: Blue
- Hair Colour: Natural is Brown, but I like to dye it Black
- Skin Tone: Average tan color
- Scars/Markings: Fuck ton


- General Attitude: Bored, "Meh"
- Life’s Aspirations: To entertain people and just live life without stress
- Favorite Foods: Chicken fuck yeah, and anything else meaty too
- Religion: n/a
- Likes: Music (Metal, Prog, anything with distorted guitars and epic beats), Anime, Boobs, Video Games, Boobs, Comedy shows/movies, Boobs, and boobs. Oh, and cute things. Many many cute things yes yes.
- Dislikes: I'll let you know when the time comes
- Fears: Being alone, being hated, dying, some bugs, and idk some other stuff


- Father: Live with him now, he's awesome 99% of the time
- Mother: Hah..yeah no.
- Sister(s): 3 sisters, 2 older and 1 younger. All live in Massachusetts where mostly my Mom's family is, I'm in New Jersey where mostly my Dad's family lives.
- Brother(s): 1 half-brother, he's a spoiled child and I can say he's basically one of THOSE kids playing CoD and Minecraft these days. Yeah..
- Best Friend:  :iconkirra-bluu:
- Pets: Currently 8: 1 Dog (Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix) named Gema, she's a cutie though but getting more annoying lately; 7 cats: Max, Micheal, Kelso, Tiger, Mr. Panucci are males and Cookie and Pox are females. Pox and Mr. Panucci are baby kittens we just had not too long ago. Max is my best buddy and loves me to death for some reason lol.    

I feel like tagging now, so here are some victims~
:iconmangostaa:,:iconchibaram0ri:,:iconpeppermint-kitten:,:iconsombaholic: & :iconiliekskittlez:

Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 

Watch Kirra-Bluu and I play Dark Souls (Part 5)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 2:06 PM
  • Mood: It's Hot

videos are going up everyday, check my channel every day to see what's new~
subscribe if you haven't as well, would really mean a lot to me and help out a ton!

Okay boop, Update again (Serious post)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 3:04 AM
  • Mood: Neglect
So turns out my dad is getting a week extension so we're not moving out till next monday or so, which is good cuz more time for me to actually prepare to pack and get ready.
Still not exactly sure what's going on and what the progress is on the room building in the new house, but I'll have to see in due time.
I'm hoping everything is done before the 11th because that's when The Master Chief Collection releases and I'm hoping to do a livestream at midnight of the Halo 2 Anniversary campaign to show off it's beautiful remasterness of graphics and shiz lol.
Kinda worst time for me to be moving ughhhh..

But yeah. With YouTube, I'm attempting to upload at least every day as much as I can possibly put out, with Sonic 06 getting to the 1/3 point, I need to put out more let's plays to extend what kind of content I have going on my channel and put em in between each part, which is why I've also been doing the Dark Souls let's play with mah buddy, Kirra-Bluu. I have a short let's play of a visual novel done and it's coming out soon. I have a couple other ideas to do and/or may go back to but not sure how I'll be able to honestly. We'll see lol.

I honestly hope I'm not annoying you all with my YouTube crap, I mean, I've always wanted to take it seriously and now that I managed to get partnered I really need to take it seriously if I want to continue doing what I enjoy doing as a hobby and make something out of it so I can keep doing it more and more. Been trying for about 2 years now and now actually I'm better than I ever was way back at commentating and just speaking up and talking to people and whatnot, I honestly feel like I have a shot at entertaining people even if it's just me playing games for you guys.
If you saw, or even remember, how I was 3 years ago.. or even 2.. or even way back before, how stupid and anti-social I was; I was almost always angry or rude or just shy and not very good at socializing and talking with people. My level of common-sense when it came to understanding people and situations and socialization was pretty shit, and I had no idea how to properly get along with others, let alone even talk to just anyone who was a complete stranger to me. Every time I'd play Xbox for example, I would always mute my mic because I was afraid of talking to others in the game with me. Or even a group chat, I'd be very shy and quiet (I'm still pretty bad at that most times but that's only ever on "not-so-good" days or something) and wouldn't be open to talk to whomever was there that I didn't know unless they opened up to me and managed to make me comfortable with them.
Now I'm better and not that kind of person anymore. And also thanks to the near 2 years I've had my retail job at Big Lots, I can easily talk to anyone much much better. That's why I've also been getting better with my commentating with my YouTube videos in a way, I've learned to become more and more open and now I can finally be sociable. It feels great to be a better person than I was way back, and I'm really glad I'm not that old me, the "SonickHero194" me (for those who don't know, that was my old username from since I was like 12 and changed when I was 17 lol), nor the early days of becoming HaloMillennium and still being a little shit head.

I still have my bad moments still today, but that's just how I am now and I've gotten better at not being so bad as much as I used to.
I've come to enjoy who I am now, I'm certainly hoping whether it's here on DA or now with my YouTube that I'm trying to grow into, that you all can also enjoy who I am too. I want everyone who has known me for years or who just found me just the other day to see that I'm a better person now than I once was, I want people to see me as a good person.
That's kinda the thing behind all of it; lots of people irl and online considered me as a bad person. I tried to convince myself and others that I wasn't for a long time; I was just very VERY stupid and wasn't very good with people and drama and everything else. I'm honestly not a bad person, at least I hope I'm not heh.. but I still believe that I'm good at heart in most ways.

Sorry for the long post, I intended it to just be a little short one about the move but then I just started thinking more when I was talking about my YouTube and stuff. I mean, yeah you're welcome to watch it or not, I just want people to give me a chance as some people have shown to me they really enjoy me and what I've made.

So I'll end it here.
But I honestly want to ask though, because nearly everyone who has heard my voice tells me this, but uh
Emoji 27 

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